The aim of the game
The player who scored the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Each player chooses a color:

  • 18 pieces each (if 2 players)
  • 12 pieces each (if 3 players)
  • 9 pieces each (if 4 players).

Course of the game
A game is played in as many games as there are players. Each player must start a round.

1st phase: the placement. In turn, each player places a checker on the checkerboard until all the squares are occupied.

2nd phase: the countdown. The player who placed the first pawn, plays first. Players play, each their own, a pawn.

To score points, we count the number of boxes traveled by the pawn in a straight line, horizontally or vertically (not diagonally). A piece moves only on empty boxes. Each piece played is automatically removed after its move (each player removes a piece each turn, even if it does not earn him points). Points are marked with tokens (1 for tens, 1 for units).

For a player whose turn it is, the fact of touching one of his pieces implies the obligation to play this piece, as far as it is possible.

When there is no more pawn on the board, we go to the next round by keeping his points. The points of the game are the sum of the points of each round.

Game over :
The game is over when both rounds (for 2 players) three rounds (for 3 players) or the 4 rounds (for 4 players) are over.